10 Unique Gift Ideas for Dad
With Father's Day just around the corner, I thought I would share a few of the top gift ideas for the Dad's in your life. No one wants to get the same old boring gift, so check out these 10 unique gift ideas for Dad to help you get started!

Anything Golf:
If your Dad is a golfer, you almost can't go wrong by purchasing a golf-related gift of any kind. The options are not only endless, but they run the gamut in terms of price. If you aren’t sure what he might need or like, you may consider a gift certificate to his favorite pro shop.

A Day at the Ballpark:
If your Dad is a baseball fan, then this gift is an absolute home run (pun intended). Tickets to a game are always a winner, but accompanying him to the game is a something your Dad will appreciate even more!

A Car Wash:

I don’t know a Dad who doesn’t loves a clean car. If your budget is a little tight, wash and wax Dad's car yourself. If time is an issue but money isn't, consider paying for a mobile detail service.

Personalized Pop Art Portrait: (pix)
If you are looking for something truly personalized, an Andy Warhol style portrait might just be it! Create a portrait with just a photo of your Dad!

Clean out the Garage:
If your Dad loves to spend time in the garage, then chances are he'll love a garage that's clean and organized. See if you can get Dad out of the house for the day to make this happen. It's an inexpensive way to show how much you love him.

A Night on the Town:
When was the last time Dad and Mom had a great night out without the kids in tow? Dinner, tickets to a movie or a concert would be a great gift idea. However, if your budget is limited, you go with dinner in and you do all the cooking and cleaning!

All Dad’s appreciate a new tool they can use around the house or on the car, especially power tools! There are a variety of great tools available for in a range of affordable prices. If you are not sure what your Dad might like or need, get him a gift certificate and then take him shopping. You’ll both enjoy the time spent together!

Microbrew of the Month:
If your Dad likes beer, then he’ll definitely appreciate a Microbrew of the Month subscription! For 12 months, your Dad will receive different bottles of premium microbrew beers from award-winning breweries nationwide. Club prices vary depending on who you order through. You can also try different wines, chocolates or hot sauces, if that is more your Dad’s style.

Personalized Apron for Cooking:
For the ultimate cook or grill master, a personalized apron is a must have! You can have an apron made with your Dad’s name or favorite sports team or whatever you think your Dad would love. Apron sets come with other accessories, like a customized oven mitts and towels. Your Dad will think of you every time he fires up the grill!

Custom Bobblehead for the Sports Fan:
A custom sculpted bobblehead is the perfect gift for the Dad with everything! You can customize just the face or design the body from scratch to match your Dad. Customized bobbleheads are not limited to sports only – so if your Dad is more of a Superhero kind of guy or a fisherman, you can order a bobblehead that fits him best. This gift idea is a hit for any Dad!