4 Reasons Consumers Still Need an Agent

I read a blog published by Trulia the other day which shared the 4 reasons consumers still need an agent. As many of you already know, Trulia.com is online tool which offers a variety of services, from home inventory, financing options, blogs, etc. I thought their perspective in this particular blog was interesting and wanted to share what they feel are the 4 reasons consumers still need an agent.

1.) Online marketing takes time and expertise - online marketing is a must when selling a home however it takes time and effort - as a real estate professional, this is a part of my services so you as the homeowner do not need to take a crash course is online marketing.

2.) A home's information alone is not enough - every home lives in a market - the Trulia blog used a quote from Opray in the National Business Review, "I know my house better than any agent. Who better to sell the house than me?" True. However, it is not just about what the house has but rather knowing how it will fit into the market, which will ultimately cause it to sell. Another reason it is important to work with someone who has local knowledge about your community.

3.) Showings and connections sell homes - homeowners might sell a property every three to five years and in our current market, maybe longer. As a full time real estate professional, I sell homes every day and I have the connections you need to get your home shown and sold for top dollar.

4.) Even the smartest use an agent for expertise- even the most suave of online consumers and online resources like Trulia (which is designed to help consumers with or without an agent) suggest hiring a professional to help you get the job done. In any market condition, it makes sense to have someone who is a local expert represent your best interests.

Source: Trulia Blog (trulia.com)