Andrea Santa Maria has been at Phoenix Children's Hospital for 10 days now. She was admitted the very next day after she graduated high school on May 25th. Unfortunately, after a series of tests, the doctors are still not sure why Andrea is continuing to drop weight (she is down to about 65 pounds now). Currently, she has a feeding tube and they are working to find the answer so they can stabilize her diabetes.

Mila, Tonya and I went to visit her at PCH last week and although Andrea is trying to keep her spirits up, let's face it, 10 days in a hospital is no way to start your first summer after graduating high school! What should be a time to celebrate has quickly turned into a life or death situation.

I spoke to Tammy, who is Andrea's mother yesterday and the doctors are predicting another week at minimum for her to be at PCH. The daily average of a normal hospital stay is around $15,000 -- because PCH is specialized, these costs could be double the average -- times 3 weeks, my niece and her family are looking at close to a half million dollars in medical costs.

We will be putting together some charity events to help raise funds for Andrea in the next few weeks -- we would love your participation in making it a success so please stay tuned for more details. In the mean time, we would greatly appreciate any support you can offer. As I have shared in previous blogs, Andrea does not have health insurance and the state medical assistance has yet to be approved. An account has been set up on behalf of Andrea with Desert Schools Federal Credit Union: Andrea Santa Maria, routing #122187238, Savings #6000091765. 

Thank you to the great staff at Phoenix Children's Hospital for providing such excellent care for my niece -- I know she is in good hands -- we are all praying for her!