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RE/MAX World Headquarters Special Announcment

by Nate Martinez

Good morning,

I have extremely exciting news to share with you!

J.D. Power and Associates announced today that RE/MAX ranks highest in customer satisfaction, for both buyers and sellers, in its 2011 residential real estate survey.

That's right – we've earned the highest level of appreciation from BOTH groups of consumers, which is a remarkable statement about the Outstanding Agents in our organization.

I want to personally thank and congratulate every one of you for contributing to this prestigious recognition. It truly reflects your professional excellence, your enthusiasm for education, your commitment to distressed sellers, your individual drive, and many other qualities that serve the interests of your clients. Your efforts change lives, and those people have spoken.

Our team at Headquarters is working with J.D. Power and Associates to determine how
we can use the results of the survey, as well as their name and logo. As soon as possible, we will let you know what the guidelines are.

In the meantime, celebrate this incredible achievement and enjoy the fact that once again you've proven yourselves to be the best in the business.



Sent by Dave Liniger, Chairman and Co-Founder, RE/MAX World Headquarters

RE/MAX, LLC | 5075 S. Syracuse St. | Denver, CO 80237 | United States

Top 10 Tips for Back to School

by Nate Martinez

Top 10 Tips for Back to School

It seems like it was just the other day we were bracing ourselves for another hot Arizona summer – and now, across the Valley, kids and parents are gearing up for the first day of school. Here is a list of 10 back to school tips to help prepare you and your child for a successful school year.

1.)    Confirm the date school starts and when your child should arrive. Highlight this date on the family calendar so everyone knows well in advance. This will help reduce last minute stress. Find out important school phone numbers, school hours and how to report any absences before you need them. Post this information on the refrigerator or some place that is accessible for everyone in the family to see.

2.)    During the summer it is easy to let your child stay up later than normal or get off their daily routine to allow for summer time activities and events. But it’s a good idea to start back on the “school day” routine a week before school starts, so your child is back in the groove and getting enough sleep.

3.)    In the event the school needs to reach you or someone in your family, make sure you have filled out emergency contact information. Keep this information up-to-date if there are any changes throughout the school year.

4.)    Have an emergency plan with you child – do not wait for something bad to happen to create a plan! If your child walks or rides a bike to school, make sure they have a buddy or stay with a group to and from school. Review the route with them and stress the importance of staying on the route (no short cuts!). Have a safety plan if someone approaches them; teach them what to do and how to call for help. If your child is old enough, they should know how to dial 911!

5.)    To ensure the best learning opportunity for your child, you should have their vision and hearing tested before school starts. If they need to wear glasses or require special seating arrangements, review this with their teachers before the first day of school.

6.)    Meet your child’s teachers – ask lots of questions about their school year curriculum, teaching preferences and grading styles. Find out how their teacher(s) would like to communicate with you – via phone or email or both.

7.)    Get involved and stay involved in your child’s learning – mark all school events on the family calendar.

8.)    Know the bus routes, pick up and drop off times. Make sure you child knows what bus # they are suppose to take to and from school. Have a family plan if your child should accidently miss the bus.

9.)    School Supplies – be familiar with what your child or children will need for their grade in school supplies. Ask their teachers what will be provided and what you need to provide, especially when it comes to special projects. Some basics all kids, no matter what grade will need are:

  • Back pack
  • Lunch box
  • Pens (assorted colors)
  • Pencils, including colored pencils
  • Crayons
  • Erasers
  • Spiral note books, sheet paper
  • Highlighters
  • Glue sticks
  • Pocket folder

10.)   Shopping for School Clothes – be sure you know about your child’s school dress code before you spend money on clothes. Make sure they have plenty of the appropriate gym clothes (if applicable).

  • Before you go shopping, take a quick inventory of what your child already has and what they will need. Donate or take their good, used clothes to a consignment shop for cash.
  • Stock up on the basics, like socks and underwear and any other items your child uses a lot throughout the year.
  • Looks for coupons, specials – a great place to shop for a discount is at outlet stores or online through “over stock” websites.
  • Be familiar with current trends – there is no sense buying your child something they will not wear if they do not think it is “cool.” Know what is appropriate for your child’s age before you go shopping - it will safe you the headache of returns later!  

Phoenix Market Update

by Nate Martinez

Phoenix Market Update

Today in the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (MLS) there are reported to be 17,295 active available homes for sale. This is down from the last report I shared a month ago when there were 22,750 active homes on the market. Where are all the properties going? Why is the inventory slipping at such a rapid rate? Are we really seeing signs of recovery?

There are currently 10,850 homes sale pending with another 7,023 homes under contract accepting back up offers. Add these two numbers together and we have more properties with accepted offers then we do available inventory -- even in the 2003-2005 boom this never happened to our inventory!

So what is happening? According to a report by RealtyTrac, there are processing problems with the major mortgage servicers due to the robo-signing antics we heard about last fall.

There were several big banks, in 50 different states, under investigation for so-called “fraudulent” foreclosure proceedings which has caused the pendulum to swing the other way -- we went from hundreds of files being funneled through the foreclosure channels daily to a screeching halted which has resulted in minimal new inventory coming onto the market.

RealtyTrac reported, lenders issued a foreclosure filing on more than 1.1 million properties in the first half 2011, down 29% from the same period one year ago. More than 608,000 properties received a filing in the second quarter, down 32% from the same period last year. And foreclosures in June were down 29% from one year ago, the ninth straight month of yearly declines.

"It would be nice to report that foreclosure activity is dropping as a result of improvements in the economy or the housing market," said RealtyTrac CEO James Saccacio. "Unfortunately, with unemployment rates inching back up, consumer confidence weak and home sales and prices continuing to languish, this doesn’t appear to be the case."

"Processing and procedural delays are pushing foreclosures further and further out," Saccaccio said. "This casts an ominous shadow over the housing market, where recovery is unlikely to happen until the current and forthcoming inventory of distressed properties can be whittled down to a manageable number."

It is projected that this robo-signing mess, which is still being sorted out and corrected by big banks, could push the pending foreclosure inventory well into 2012 before it is completed addressed. However, each month, the foreclosure process seems to be showing signs of life. In June foreclosure filings across the country increased 4%.

Here, in our Phoenix Market, we had a record number of sales in June – 5,114 homes closed! Although the inventory is lower than normal properties are flying off the shelves in record numbers. We are seeing signs of stabilization and in some communities prices are starting to increase due to multiple offers. I know there is still a lot of uncertainty, especially when we read reports such as the one I have shared. But I will tell you, in my 25 year career, I have never experienced a market like we are in today. Housings we sold 5 years ago or even 10 years ago are now for sale for thousands less -- even with the looming possibility of foreclosure inventory continuing for years to come, we are still at a record low for home pricing. It is a great time to buy -- first time, move up, investment or vacation home -- take advantage of the market and buy now!

No Flyers In the Flyer Box?

by Nate Martinez

No Flyers In the Flyer Box?

Don't let this happen to you! If you want to learn more information about a home you see for sale, call the RE/MAX Professionals Home Hotline at 602-277-3111. Enter the house number and listen for the prompts to get all the details available. No flyers in the flyer box? No problem, RE/MAX Professionals Home Hotline gives you information 24/7!

Tohono O'odham Casino & Resort in Glendale, AZ

by Nate Martinez

Tohono O'odham Casino & Resort

The Tohono O’odham Tribal Council revealed renderings of its planned casino and resort in Glendale, Arizona, at a press conference on Tuesday, July 12th at the Hampton Inn & Suites, reported The Glendale Star.

Glendale Council members Phil Lieberman and Norma Alvarez attended in support of the project, which is opposed by some city and state lawmakers, who are suing the U.S. Interior Department to halt the tribe’s plans. The potential trust land sits on county grounds just north of the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Norris has attempted to assuage fears of infrastructure costs being funded by Glendale taxpayers.

“It is total misinformation it is going to be costly to the city,” Norris said, according to The Glendale Star. “Where we do not provide services, we enter into an intergovernmental agreement. Regardless whether the Tohono O’odham Nation pays for services itself, there is an IGA and there would be costs to us.”

At the conference, Tribal Council Chairman Ned Norris Jr. revealed considerably smaller development plans–no three-acre atrium as previously included. The casino entry is lit by an LED electronic image board that Norris calls “the Disney effect,” according to The Glendale Star.

The west-side casino awaits Interior approval of land into trust. Its first court date to address legal challenges will take place on Feb. 17.  “The Feb. 17 hearing will give us a good indication of what the time line will be,” Norris told The Glendale Star.

Referencing economic impact, Norris cited an estimated 6,000 construction jobs and 3,000 permanent jobs would be created in the Glendale area. The tribal nation projects an economic impact of $300 million annually with more than $100 million in taxes the first year, he said.

The planned structures of the Tohono O'odham Nation's proposed casino are similar to that of University of Phoenix Stadium, Tribal Council Chairman Ned Norris Jr. said.

Source: Indian Country, Today Media Network (Photo courtesy of the Tohono O'odham Nation)

Obama Announces More Aid for the Unemployed

by Nate Martinez

Obama Announces More Aid for the Unemployed

Home owners who have lost their jobs will get more mortgage relief. The Obama administration has announced that two programs for unemployed home owners will extend the forbearance period on mortgages to 12 months.

For unemployed home owners with a Federal Housing Administration loan, the forbearance period will be extended from four months to 12 months. The Obama administration also said it will remove hurdles to make it easier for unemployed borrowers to qualify for FHA’s Special Forbearance Program.

“The current unemployment forbearance programs have mandatory periods that are inadequate for the majority of unemployed borrowers,” U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan said in a statement. “Today, 60 percent of the unemployed have been out of work for more than three months and 45 percent have been out of work for more than six. Providing the option for a year of forbearance will give struggling home owners a substantially greater chance of finding employment before they lose their home.”

The administration also announced that it will extend the minimum forbearance period in the Making Home Affordable Program from three months to 12 months for eligible unemployed home owners, when possible under regulator and investor guidelines. Forbearance will also be available to borrowers who are seriously delinquent.

All FHA-approved mortgage servicers are required to participate in FHA’s Loss Mitigation Program, which includes the Special Forbearance program. 

Obama: More Needs to be Done to Handle Housing Crisis

The announcement of more aid for unemployed home owners comes shortly after a Twitter town hall meeting Wednesday where President Obama said one of his administration’s biggest mistakes in its handling of the economy has been its response to the housing crisis and “not doing enough” to help home owners.

"The continuing decline in the housing market is something that hasn't bottomed out as quickly as we expected, and so that's continued to be a big drag on the economy," Obama said during the town hall forum. "We've had to revamp our housing program several times to try to help people stay in their homes and try to start lifting home values up."

Source: “Obama Administration Offers Additional Mortgage Relief to Unemployed Home Owners,” HUD (July 7, 2011) and “At Twitter Town Hall, Obama Concedes ‘Not Enough’ Done to Address Housing Crisis,” Washington Post (July 7, 2011) and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (July 7. 2011)

Nate Martinez Team Newsletter

by Nate Martinez

Update from the Maricopa County Tax Assessor

by Nate Martinez

Update from the Maricopa County Tax Assessor

This morning I sat in a class presented by Keith Russell, the current Assessor for Maricopa County. I have lived in Arizona all my life and today, I learned a few important details about our tax laws which I did not know. So I thought I would pass along the highlights which were discussed as I believe you may find them very helpful.

1.) Did you know you can appeal your Maricopa County property taxes? Yes, if you feel the Assessor has improperly evaluated your house values, therefore taxing you too much, you have the right to appeal. There are stipulates on when you can appeal (deadlines are in April) but you can fill out the forms online. Additionally, you may qualify for a refund of back taxes you have paid, if they find you have been paying too much! 30% of the cases that are seen by the Assessor are successful in their appeal request.

2.) If you own a rental property in Maricopa County, it must be registered with the Assessor's office as a rental. Not only is important for accurate tax evaluations, but if you do not do this and your tenant finds out, there is grounds for your tenant to break their lease. It is very easy to register your property online and literally takes less then a 1 minute to do.

3.) Did you know that seniors qualify for special tax rules? A resident of Arizona who is sixty-five years of age or older may apply to the Maricopa County Assessor for a property valuation protection option on the person's primary residence which covers you for a guaranteed number of years.

4.) Widow, widowers and disabled persons also qualify for special tax rules. The State of Arizona has exemptions for widows, widowers and disabled persons which equates to lower property taxes. For more information, you can visit the Maricopa County Assessor's website to learn more or you can call 602-506-3406.

15416 N 73rd Lane, Peoria AZ 85382

by Nate Martinez

Wow! This beautiful 2,828 square foot home has a ton to offer both inside and out! A well designed split floorplan features a huge master suite with a private sitting room & separate entrance, formal living & dining areas plus a large family room that overlooks the kitchen and cozy breakfast nook. You’ll enjoy amenities such as warm honey raised panel oak cabinets, corian counters, upgraded stainless steal appliance package, custom paint throughout and tile in all the right places. The 10,200 square foot lot has a backyard perfect for entertaining under the custom built-in BBQ cabana or practicing your golf swing with your own putting green! And there is plenty of room for your other toys with an extended 3 car garage and RV parking. Pristine, turn-key condition! Call me today to schedule an appointment to see this beautiful home!

Priced at $300,000
4 bedroom, 2 baths, Peoria School District
Take a virtual tour of this home now!



15416 N 73rd Lane, Peoria, AZ 85382

Phoenix Business Journal Book of Lists 2011

by Nate Martinez

Phoenix Business Journal Book of Lists 2011
Congratulations to RE/MAX Professionals for being among the elite companies selected to be a part of the Phoenix Business Journal Book of Lists for 2011!

The book contains 129 lists with more than 2,000 local companies featured. The Phoenix Business Journal has been around for 30 years however the Book of Lists is their most popular publication because it provides valuable information, research and provides leads which helps local businesses continue to be successful.

We are both honored and proud to be a part of this distinguished group of business leaders in our metro area - thank you for your support in helping us achieve this goal!

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