It’s Time for a New Start

If you or someone you know has recently been through a short sale and would like to own a home again, I have great news! It used to be that a short sale meant you couldn’t buy a home again for several years, unless of course you had enough cash to buy it without a mortgage note.

I recently heard about a local credit union that is now offering a “New Start Program” for potential home buyers who have had a short sale in the last year. This is excellent news as it gives you an opportunity to not only own a home again, but to take advantage of the low prices and attractive interest rates. There are several qualifying factors:

1.)    The short sale must have happened six or more months ago

2.)    You must occupy the property as your primary residence

3.)    Purchase price must be between $75,000 and $800,000

4.)    80 percent maximum loan amount however 5 percent of your down payment can be gifted funds

If you are interested in qualifying for the “New Start Program” please contact me today. Don’t let your dream of homeownership be squashed by the past – it’s time for a new start.