Helping Buyers Manage Risk with Home Inspections

It would be impossible for even the most knowledgeable Realtor to know everything about every mechanical system in a home. That is why it is important to have inspectors and licensed contractors to assist with those details. However, as real estate professionals, my team and I have learned a few of the basic facts about home inspections so we can better represent our clients and help them identify possible red flags that could lead to expensive repairs.

1.) When a home inspector reports a “split” HVAC system, they are basically measuring the temperature difference between the air going into the AC system and the air coming out.  A Split of 16-22 degrees F is considered a “good split”.  If the number is higher or lower than that, there is typically a problem.

2.) When you ask a seller to make a repair:
*Per our Arizona Residential Contract, we want to make sure the seller provides a receipt for any repairs done. This will give you protection during the re-inspection process.

*We should always ask the seller for a receipt from a licensed contractor(s).

*Performing a re-inspection will ensure the contractor actually performed the repair.

3.) Adding refrigerant to an AC unit is not a repair. If a contractor adds more than 2 pounds of refrigerant, they should be searching for and repairing any leaks or replacing a system component.

4.) Since home inspections are not “technically exhaustive” they do not disassemble HVAC units to inspect the coils, etc. It may be wise to hire a licensed HVAC contractor to do a separate inspection of the AC unit.

*An additional inspection of the AC until will give you a broader scope that what is evaluated during a home inspection and usually run about $75.00. If the unit is older, the house has been a rental or pets have lived in the home, you may want to consider having an additional HVAC inspection.

Of course, another great way to mitigate risk is to request a Professionals Home Warranty! Ask my team how we can help you negotiate a Professionals Home Warranty in your home purchase.