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Escape Your Unmanageable Mortgage: Getting Free Doesn’t Have to Mean Running Away

It is not uncommon to hear a story on the news about a person who simply walked away from their home. A few years ago this was unheard of – today, it is what we call a Strategic Default. To the distressed homeowner who believes they have no other choice left, the idea of walking away free of consequences may sound like a relief. However, in reality a strategic default does have repercussions. There are better options available.

Benefits of a short sale:

  • Avoid foreclosure at no cost to you
  • Less long-term impact on your credit score
  • Protection for future security clearance
  • Retain some control over the sale of your property
  • Shorter waiting period to qualify for another mortgage

To learn more about short sales and the options available, please visit me online at – you may download this month’s complimentary report entitled, “Escape Your Unmanageable Mortgage: Getting Free Doesn’t Have to Mean Running Away.” Then contact me for a confidential consultation. 602-942-700 or email at I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Tipping the Scales Towards Foreclosure?

by Nate Martinez

Tipping the Scales Towards Foreclosure?

Alot of us enter the New Year with excess baggage. If your comes in the form of a mortgage payment that you can no longer afford, please consider an alternative to foreclosure.

Unemployment, underemployment and real estate market upheaval has derailed a lot of the American dreams of homeownership. Since 2007, 8.9 million homes have been lost to foreclosure. My mission is to keep you and anyone you care about from adding to that statistic.

As a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE), I have the training and expertise to help financially distressed homeowners to make a positive fresh start. If you or anyone you care about is faced with an unmanageable mortgage, I can help.

I invite you to visit my website for a FREE copy of my recent report entitled, "Tipping the Scales Toward Foreclosure?"

Contact me today about options that will keep you out of foreclosure and feeling a lot lighter as you head into 2012.

Your Graceful Exit

by Nate Martinez

Your Graceful Exit

Today, I have the pleasure of attending an event put on by the the Making Home Affordable Program. The US Treasury Department was there to help answer the real questions about the foreclosure alternatives. As a CDPE Realtor, I make it a point to stay abreast of current, relevant and important facts about the market conditions which impact my clients.

It was an insightful and informative seminar and I would like to share what I learned if you or someone you know might be facing the possiblity of a foreclosure. There are options and a short sale maybe your graceful exit. Don't wait to ask for help - I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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