This adorable townhouse located in Central Phoenix will be sold at auction on August 7th. Buyer is required to participate in the NSP down payment assistance program. Remember, this auction is for OWNER OCCUPANTS only - NO investors!  

2 bedroom, 2 full baths, 1152 square feet  

There are NO opening bid minimums for this auction. However, before this property was selected to be a part of the auction, the list price was $77,500. We have prepared the following information so you can see what a benefit it is to participate in this fabulous opportunity!  

Sales Price:                                                      $77,500.00

3% Down Payment:                                           $2325.00

NSP available down payment assistance:            $17,050.00

Loan Amount to be financed                                $58,125.00

Total Out of Pocket Expense:                             $4,700.00

Total Monthly Payment:                                      $647.00

*based on 4.875% interest rate

*total monthly payment includes HOA due

*based on maximum allowed down payment assistance (22%)

This information is intended to be an illustration and not a mortgage loan approval or commitment. All buyers must qualify through Your Way Home AZ NSP program. Time is of the essence – do not delay, call us TODAY to learn more about how to qualify. There will be 160 homes auctioned on August 7th to OWNER OCCUPANT buyers ONLY! Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to buy at below market prices with government down payment assistance!