Congrats Nathan Jr. 

As many of you know, my son Nathan Jr. recently got his real estate license. Although it took him a little longer than he had hoped it would to get through the schooling and testing process, he finally made it and yesterday my son closed his first transaction. He jumped on a sign call that came through the office and his eager attitude was successful at beating out multiple offers on a property that had only been listed a few hours. 

I know for us parents we have big dreams and aspirations for our children as they grow up. We hope they inherit our good qualities and we hope they will learn from our mistakes. We want the best for them and we feel their failures and successes as if they were our own. Regardless of what our children decide to pursue, we want them to be happy – I feel especially grateful that my son has decided to follow his old man’s foot prints in the real estate industry.

Nathan Jr. has had his first taste of success – which is a mixture of pride, a bit of faith, a lot of hard work, conviction, and hope that you make it to the scheduled closing day! Those of us in any kind of sales know the feeling I am talking about. It is what drives us to get up and go every day, it is what stirs us and makes us want more, it is what causes great men and women to conquer the impossible. 

My hope for Nathan Jr. as he embarks on his new career is that he never forgets this feeling, that he never lets his passion for the real estate industry dwindle and that he may succeed a thousand fold. This is only the beginning - Congrats Nathan Jr.