Does Feng Shui really work? Why not give it a try?
Here are a few helpful Feng Shui tips on building and creating wealth...

What is your dream number?
On a piece of purple paper (the color of money in feng shui), in red ink, write down the dollar mount of money you would like to earn this year. Think BIG and be SPECIFIC! Then place this slip of paper in your wallet or purse. Once you know the number you want, you have taken the first step towards achieving it. 

Put a water fountain in your home/office:
Feng Shui experts say a water fountain in the Wealth Corner of an office or home can bring in additional income. The Wealth Corner is located in the rear left-hand corner of your house, bedroom or office (depending on where you are wanting to attract money to). You can further stimulate the effects of the fountain by adding 9 dollar coins inside the fountain.

What's cooking on your stove?
If you are like me, your stove might not get much use, however, in the Chinese culture of Feng Shui, the stove is an important part of creating wealth. The stove signifies food and in ancient times, food symbolizes abundance. So, if you don't use your stove to cook, you should at least turn on your burns for a second or two each day to activate the flow of abundance in your kitchen. It is also important to keep your stove clean -- it is a symbol of prosperity -- a dirty cooktop could create the opposite effect, hence clouding your financial situation. If you want to take this a step further, it is recommended you place a small round mirror directly above your stove. The mirror can be seen as "doubling" the burners on the stove, therefore could help "double" or generate more income.

Mattress money really does work!
In Feng Shui traditions, it is believed that what ever we put between our mattress has an energetic association with our sleeping selves and can help us stay in touch with our goals, dreams, aspirations. By placing a stack of play-money bills (the higher the denomination preferably!) between your mattress and box spring, tied together with a purple ribbon will make "money work for you while you sleep."

Are you flushing money down the drain?
A simple thing as keeping the toilet seat closed or the drain in the tub, could prevent your money from going down the drain -- literally! Placing a plant (silk or live, but not dried) by your kitchen sink or bathroom sinks could also assist your money energy. The flower symbolically absorbs the money energy and the plant recirculates this energy back into your home.

The Lucky Frog:
If you want to invite more wealth into your home or office, put a lucky money frog in your Wealth Corner (again the rear left-hand corner of the room in consideration). A money frog should be placed diagonally facing your main door entrance, facing slightly inward. Remember, you never want to point the frog directly at the door as your wealth could leave and never return!