Don't forget Daylight Savings!

It is that time of year again when we are reminded to turn our clocks ahead for Daylight Savings. On Sunday, March 11th at approximately 2:00am we will begin Daylight Savings for 2012. From Sunday until November 4th, Arizona will be on Pacific Time (PST) which means we will be the same time as California, Oregon and Washington.

Most people in Arizona don't pay attention to Daylight Savings because we physically do not change our clocks however, it is important to remember we do change time zones. During the spring and summer months, Arizona is on Pacific Time (PST) and during the winter months we are on Mountain Time (MST).

If you are planning an important conference call or perhaps taking a trip across the country, here is a helpful time zone review:

  • One hour ahead of states on Mountain Time (Colorado, New Mexico)
  • Two hours ahead of states on Central Time (Texas, Missouri)
  • Three hours ahead of states on Eastern Time (New York, Georgia)