First Time Moving Out Checklist

So this week we had some exciting news in our family - my son, Nathan JR sucessfully closed on his very first home purchase! It is amazing to me how the years have flown by and my young boy is not only a grown man now, but also, a homeowner!

This morning, as we were discussing all the things we need to do to get him moved and settled, it occurred to me that we really needed a moving out checklist - not only is this his first home, this is the first time he is leaving the nest. There are a ton of items we need to purchase and accomplish and to be honest, as exciting as all of this is, it was a bit overwhelming to think about every details involved in moving Nathan out of my house.

For years, I have provided new home owners with a "moving checklist" which talks about how to change the utilities, change your address, etc. but it never occurred to me to create a moving out checklist for a buyer like my son - a buyer with nothing but his clothes moving out of his parents' house for the very first time into his own home. So I went to work on creating a First Time Moving Checklist. Now I am sure there will be things we missed and there will be lots of trips running to Home Depot or the Dollar Store for this or that, but I think this list covers the majority of household items a young guy like Nathan might need - at least to start off with.

Finally, to my son, I could not be more proud of you than I am right now - to witness you grow into the fine young man that you have warms my heart in ways words can not begin to describe. Congratulations and "May the roof above you never fall in and may all your good companions beneath it, never fall out" ~ Irish Blessing