G.A.I.N. “Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods” is a program supported by the Glendale Police Department.  It was designed to heighten crime prevention and awareness; generate support and participation in local anti-crime efforts; strengthen community relations; and send a message to criminals, letting them know neighborhoods are organized and working together and with the Police Department.  Benefits of being involved in G.A.I.N. include:

          Reclaiming your neighborhoods                          

          Sense of ownership        

          Reduction in crime        

          Freedom from fear

          Improved quality of life

          Pride in your neighborhood

          Sense of community

All Neighborhood Watch Groups, Registered Neighborhoods and HOA’s, Mobile Home Parks, Apartment Communities, and interested residents in the City of Glendale are invited to participate by hosting G.A.I.N. events in your neighborhoods.  Now is the time to begin planning your G.A.I.N. event for your neighborhood if you haven’t already started.  You may want to set up a neighborhood committee to help identify what type of event you want to plan.  It can be a social event or a community project.

For additional information, please contact Kelly Kennedy, West Community Action Team and G.A.I.N. 2010 Coordinator at (623) 930-4037 or at kbkennedy@glendaleaz.com.