Home Warranty Loophole

While most home warranty plans are priced within $25.00 of one another, there is tremendous disparity of coverage between one home warranty and another. There are two new reductions in coverage that other home warranty companies have implemented:

Used Parts: a quote from another home warranty company’s brochure reads “we reserve the right to rebuild existing parts or components and/or install rebuilt parts or components.”

Waiting Period: another company’s brochure states “All contracts granted assume a 30-day no claim requirement from origin of contract.”

RE/MAX Professionals has partnered with Service One Home Warranty to offer our clients the Professionals Home Warranty package. So what does that mean to you? With the Professionals Home Warranty, they will continue to use only brand new parts and to service our clients from the very first day that their home warranty is effective. Service One Home Warranty invites anyone to compare the "fine print" home warranty coverage. The more you compare the coverages, and the reputation for quality service, the more you'll like Professionals Home Warranty.

To order your next home warranty with Professionals Home Warranty package, please call us today! Or you can visit Service One Home Warranty online.