How to Succesfully Carve a Turkey

Whether you are roasting, deep-frying or smoking a turkey, a successful carving is very important. To begin, make sure your turkey is placed on a sturdy, stable surface. Then you want to make sure you have the proper tools - a sharp carving knife will give you the best results when carving a whole turkey. While slicing keep the turkey from moving by holding it in place with a meat fork. Cutting a turkey is easier if it is allowed to stand for about 15 minutes after the cooking is done. To carve a turkey, place the turkey breast up with its legs to the right if you are right handed, or to the left if you are left handed. Grasp the drumstick and place the knife between the thigh and the body of the turkey. Cut through the entire turkey. Remove the leg by pulling out and back using the point of the knife to disjoint. Separate the thigh and the drumstick. Make sure you use straight cuts with an even stroke beginning halfway up the breast. Continue slicing until all desired meat has been removed from the turkey bone. Serve immediately -- and enjoy!