Change Yourself

The very first thing that has to be changed before you can truly change the world for the better is: yourself. Most people view the world live from a perspective of "I don't have enough to be happy, so I need more". Many of the richest among us still wake up every day thinking, "What can I do to get more for myself?". What they don't realize is that the key to happiness is not in having more, but in being happy with less.

Once you decide you are happy with what you already have, an entire new world will open up to you. Instead of wanting more you'll want to give more.

Giving more instead of wanting more is a powerful message to yourself and your subconscious, it's a way of saying to yourself: "I am happy now".

All of the world's religions stress the importance of living life with a generous heart:

From the Buddha: "If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way."

Arab Proverb: "If you have much, give of your wealth; If you have little, give of your heart."

Hindu Proverb: "They who give have all things; they who withhold have nothing."

Give Away Some of Your Stuff

Giving away things that you don't want or need is one of the easiest way to help. Do you have any children's books from when you were little or when your son or daughter was little? If you don't use them, why not give them to children in need instead of letting them collect dust in your attic. Perhaps you have clothes that you don't wear anymore because you outgrew them, or they're just not your style? Go out to your garage or attic or closet, and find everything you haven't used in the last year - then give it all away. Giving them to places like The Salvation Army  or Goodwill  are excellent ways to make a difference. It's the little things that matter, and it's so easy to change the life of someone in the world.

Donate Money

There are hundreds of organizations out there doing their part to save the environment, end world hunger, bring education to those who have none, and change their community for the better. Whether you give money to these organizations, or participate in a "click to donate" site, even donating the equivalent of one fast food restaurant visit per week will make a difference.


If you have a weekend or a day during the week you could spare to help a cause, volunteering at your local food bank, shelter, or community center can play a huge part in fighting the problems in the world. If you feel especially giving, you could travel across the world with an organization and volunteer there! If both of those methods are out of reach for you, virtual volunteering on the internet is another great way to change the world from home, taking minimal effort and time, allowing you to spend just a few minutes at your leisure to make a difference!

Change Your Spending Habits

It's been said that capitalism is in essence a voting system. What you spend your money on is what you vote to have more of. Spending your money in Walmart is a vote for more Walmarts. At the same time, spending your money on organic milk is a vote for more organically grown milk. Keep this in mind when you shop. Choosing to spend your money on greener products and using services like Dreamer is a vote for more earth-friendly products and services!

Drink Less Bottled Water

Bottled water is not eco-friendly, no matter how green the label is on your plastic water bottle. It takes oil to manufacture the plastic that's used for the bottle - not to mention how many empty bottles end up in a landfill or out in the ocean somewhere. The best alternative to this is to use a heavy plastic or eco-friendly bottle and filling it with tap water. If you live in the USA, or any other major city and first world country, the tap water has no health risks what so ever and is highly accessible. There are also new studies from Iowa State University which show drinking bottled water can be hazardous to your health! Do yourself and the world a favor, make a change and drink tap water from home or from any faucet available. And if there is something about the tap water you don't like, buy a filter!

Waste Less & Recycle More

Most of our lives revolve around a disposable living. Packaging, batteries, paper towels, and more are all made to be used once, then tossed away as trash. Try consuming less in your daily life, or make it a point to recycle everything you can recycle - this will make a huge impact! Also, if your workplace doesn't have a recycling program, don't complain about it or use it as an excuse not to recycle... start one!

Inspire Others

Spreading the word about any of these issues and doing anything to help at the same time is a great way to change other peoples' thoughts on the struggles of the world. It's as simple as telling your friends and family the difference you're making or the steps you're taking to help. With each new seed of influence planted in a person's head, the more likely that person is to one day take action themselves. You may not see results immediately but keep at it - stay positive, and stay happy, and stick to your beliefs - Over time, people will begin to see the kind of joy you live your life with and they'll want to be like you. Your efforts will have an impact even with people you never thought you could persuade!