Nate’s Monday Morning Message 

Welcome to this week’s edition of Nate’s Monday Morning Message…boy, what an exciting weekend with the Powerball reaching a historic-all-time-high! Although it was probably a silly way to spend $20.00 I shamefully admit that I gave into the buzz and purchased a few tickets. For a moment, it was fun to fantasize about all the ways we would spend the money, places we would travel and those we would help.

What would you do if you won the mega-lottery? I read an article in TODAY Money about winning the lottery – and it wasn’t all that great. While we think going from rags to riches would be the ideal solution, it is actually reported by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, that nearly one-third of all lottery winners end up bankrupt.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, unless you happen to be that one in 292.2 million lucky person who hits the mega-lottery! In order to grow long-term wealth it takes a plan, dedication and consistency. And according to the 2015 Return on Investment reports by, real estate came in at 6.8 percent rate of return, verses silver at -11.5 percent or the Dow Jones at -2.2 percent. Where ever you choose to put your hard-earned money, be sure to have a plan and be committed to it. Let’s make it a great week!

PS Go Cards!


1832 Failed in business; bankruptcy
1832 Defeated for legislature
1834 Failed in business; bankruptcy
1835 Finance died
1836 Nervous breakdown
1838 Defeated for election
1843 Defeated for U.S. Congress
1848 Defeated for U.S. Congress
1855 Defeated for U.S. Senate
1856 Defeated for Vice President
1858 Defeated for U.S. Senant
1860 Elected President of the United States: Abraham Lincoln

He was rejected twenty-seven times before finding a publisher: Theodore Geisel (a.k.a. Dr. Seuss)

He was fire from a newspaper for lacking imagination and having no original ideas: Walt Disney

She was rejected twelve times before finding a publisher: JK Rowling (author of Harry Potter books)

Unable to speak until he was four years old, and his teachers said he wouldn’t amount to much: Albert Einstein


“Money has never made man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants.”  - Benjamin Franklin

“No one's ever achieved financial fitness with a January resolution that's abandoned by February.” - Suze Orman

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” - Henry David Thoreau

“Money won't create success, the freedom to make it will.” - Nelson Mandela

“I'd like to live as a poor man with lots of money.” - Pablo Picasso

“A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart.” - Jonathan Swift

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