Nate’s Monday Morning Message 

Welcome to this week’s edition of Nate’s Monday Morning Message…I got the privilege of hearing Mel Robbins speak at the RE/MAX R4 convention last week in Vegas. She is a fabulous speaker and has a unique but simple approach to having everything we want in life. I am sharing this video of her from a Ted Talk, where Mel shares that scientists have proven that the odds of you being born with the exact DNA, at the exact time and place, are 1: 400,000,000,000. Now that you know this, does it change the way you feel about the value of your life? This week, I challenge you to follow your impulse in five seconds or less. Take your hand off the emergency break and act on the brilliant ideas and thoughts you have swirling around in your head and heart. Act now. Go do it, and let’s make it a great week!



“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” - Nikos Kazantzakis

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” - Charles R. Swindoll

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.” - Ralph Marston

“Infuse your life with action. Don't wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen... yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.” - Bradley Whitford

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” - Confucius

Nate Martinez, RE/MAX Professionals

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