Nate's Monday Morning Message 

Welcome to Nate’s Monday Message…in light of the tragic events which have happened across the nation this last few weeks, I would like to take a moment to remember and recognize those who have died or have been wounded during these history-making events. Each of you represents the whole and while we may not agree on everything, it doesn’t mean that we can’t find a way to peacefully co-exist. This week I challenge you to seek out a way to make a positive difference in your community, with your family or in an area of your life that needs some improvement. We are all in this together…and to quote my friend and business partner, Frank Russo, “let’s be kind to each other.” Let’s make it a great week!  


Ten Rules for the Good Life by Thomas Jefferson

1) Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

2) Never trouble another for what you can do yourself.

3) Never spend your money before you have it.

4) Never buy what you do not want because it is cheap; it will never be dear to you.

5) Pride costs us more than hunger, thirst, and cold.

6) Never repent of having eaten too little.

7) Nothing is troublesome that we do willingly.

8) Don't let the evils which have never happened cost you pain.

9) Always take things by their smooth handle.

10) When angry, count to ten before you speak; if very angry, count to one hundred.



“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”-  Mahatma Gandhi

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” - Dalai Lama

“Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.” - Ronald Reagan

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.” - Jimi Hendrix

“If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner.” - Nelson Mandela

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