New Pool Law for Arizona Homeowners

In January Arizona passed a new law regarding the pool filter pump motors for residential pools. Statute AZ Title 44:2 will impact Arizona homeowners who currently have pools and those who might want to build a pool in the future. The Statute reads as follows:

(a) Motors shall not be split-phase or capacitor start-induction run type motors, except for the following:
    (i) The low-speed section of two-speed motors may be capacitor start-induction run type.
    (ii) Forty-eight-frame motors designed for use with aboveground pools are exempt from this requirement.
(b) Motors with a total horsepower capacity of one or more shall have the capability of operating at two or more speeds with a low speed having a rotation rate that is no more than one-half of the motor's maximum rotation rate and shall be operated with a pump control with the capability of operating the pump at two or more speeds. Residential pool pump motor controls that are sold for use with a two or more speed motor shall have a default circulation speed setting no more than one-half of the motor's maximum rotation rate. Any high speed override capability shall be for a temporary period not to exceed one twenty-four hour cycle without resetting to the default setting.

This new rule will affect the cost of repairs and/or replacement of non-compliant pool motors for Arizona Homeowners. The cost to purchase a new single speed motor is around $350.00 where as a two-speed or variable speed motor costs around $1200.00. As we all know, with every new law that is passed, there is always a transition period and of course, a little bit of grey area when it comes to the specific requirements.

Currently home warranty companies are in the process of understanding what their requirements will be regarding the new pool law for Arizona homeowners. If you have a pool and you do not have a home warranty, you may consider purchasing one now to give yourself coverage in case your pool pump motor goes out. Some home warranties will not cover this new pool law and others will find ways to cut corners to stay in compliance. If you are considering a home warranty, I would encourage you to check out One Guard Home Warranty (formerly known as Service One). When it comes to optimum home warranty coverage, great customer service and local expertise, One Guard Home Warranty is an excellent choice.