Out with the old, in with the new

As most of you already know, I am big into technology and even more so when it comes to Apple products. I am also a huge fan of music – all genres, especially unique and new concepts like that of the North Point iBand. When I saw this video I thought it was a great way to combine the best of both worlds. What a beautiful way to embrace change.

Now I know some people may prefer the sounds of traditional instruments playing their favorite holiday songs, however, change is inevitable in order for us to evolve, grow, learn and become better in the New Year. As the holidays are upon us, how will you embrace change? What new traditions can you start this year which will renew the spirit of joy and hope in your life? As 2011 is drawing to a close, what can you let go of to allow room for the new in 2012? May your holidays be merry and bright! -Nate