Proposition 457: The Facts You Need to Know 

As of late, I am sure you have had your fill of information regarding this year’s pending election. But I wanted to take a moment to share the facts you need to know about Proposition 457. This is a very important proposition that will impact the residents of Glendale – please read this email before you make your final decision on November 6th.

Over the past twenty years, the City of Glendale’s population has grown by more than 41 percent. To meet the demands of the increased population, the City of Glendale has built thirty-two parks, a recreation and aquatic center, five new fire stations and one police precinct.

In the past twenty years, with all this change and growth, the City of Glendale has not increased the general sales tax rate across most categories.

Proposition 457 would allow for a temporary tax increase. What does that mean? A temporary tax increase would only be effective for five years, from August 1st 2012 to August 1st 2017.

Here is the biggest question: how much is the tax increase? The previous sales tax rate is 2.2 percent. The temporary sales tax rate would be 2.9 percent. Let me give you an example of how this will impact our every day cost of living:

$50.00 purchase           $1.10 (2.2% sales tax)              $1.45 (2.9% sales tax)
$100.00 purchase         $2.20 (2.2% sales tax)              $2.90 (2.9% sales tax)

So what happens if Proposition 457 is passed? The City of Glendale will be forced to make some difficult decisions in order to meet their budget requirements. The city would need to cut nearly $30 million from the general fund. Some of those proposed changes to the City of Glendale, are as follows:

  • Elimination of 250 city employees, including police, firefighters, CAT team, jail staff and many others
  • Closure of Glendale libraries
  • Elimination of all downtown city festivities
  • Closure of Rose Lane Aquatics Facility
  • No longer broadcast public meetings on City TV/online video

The language on the ballot you will receive on November 6th could be confusing and most of us do not like the idea of a proposed increase in taxes. After reading this information, here are a few additional thoughts to consider before casting your vote.

How does this tax impact the quality of life in the City of Glendale? How does Proposition 457 impact the school and education system? Will people steer away from Glendale because they think it is not as safe of a place to live with fewer policemen on the streets?

I have many clients who are business owners in the City of Glendale. How will this tax affect their businesses? As a business owner myself, there are questions I have regarding the pros and cons of this proposition. But more importantly, as our real estate market is struggling to make a comeback, I have to consider how Proposition 457 will affect future home values in the City of Glendale.

With less money in our school districts, will it tarnish our highly ranked schools? With no funds for libraries and public facilities, like Rose Lane Aquatics Center, how will our residents gain the knowledge, physical well-being and cultural exposure they need in our demanding society? Will the lack of funds that could be generated by the proposed increase in sale tax, cause less homes to sell or cause home values to drop again?

If you think your opinion doesn’t count, you are wrong. The City of Glendale needs you to take action. Whether you are for or against Proposition 457, it is imperative you ask questions and learn the facts. It is my sincere hope, that after reading this information, and having a clear understanding of what is at stake if Proposition 457 should pass, that you will consider a NO vote. If you believe the City of Glendale should keep the temporary tax increase of 2.9 percent, then you will want to vote NO on Tuesday, November 6th 2012.

If you have additional questions, please visit the City of Glendale online to read more about Proposition 457.