Secure Your Future - Invest in Real Estate

Did you know that nearly half of Americans aren't saving a dime for retirement? According to a recent survey conducted by financial services trade association LIMRA, about 49% of Americans say they aren't contributing to any retirement plan. This trend is disturbing, especially considering that millions of Americans are relying on Social Security and other government programs to provide retirement income. The reality is that these programs just won't be able to provide the retirement you deserve.

Unfortunately, many people have shied away from investing in real estate because of the housing market’s activity in recent years. Savvy investors, however, have taken advantage of the new opportunities and continue to find great deals. Many have even invested their retirement funds in real estate and are slated for a secure, comfortable future, while building generational wealth. The little known self-directed IRA option allows for this, and as its name implies, allows the investor to direct his or her investment account activity—real estate included!

In times of increasing retirement living costs and widespread retirement planning oversight, it pays to research your options and take control of your finances—and secure your future. As a Certified Investor Agent Specialist (CIAS) designated real estate professional, I can easily help you navigate the investment real estate market. Don't get caught with low or no retirement funds - start planning your future now! It is more important than you think. Take advantage of the record-low home prices and fixed mortgage rates. Secure your future - invest in real estate - today!