Presently, there are 52,323 available homes for sale and in June 4,918 homes sold. The numbers are still showing us that only 10% of the market is selling each month, while the number of homes being listed for sale is still rising. The average Realtor in the Valley has sold one home this year, but our team has sold 86 year to date! I want to share with you some of our recent success stories…


2570 S 159th Ave – sold in 10 days

8002 W Campbell – sold in 8 days

13304 W Market – sold in 1 day

19904 N 78th Lane - sold 18 days


So what are we doing different? We are using the “Secret” and its working! The age old saying in Real Estate is price, condition and location, and no matter how many years of data we study, the numbers always lead us back here. The homes that meet these market conditions are the ones that sell. It’s no different today and 10 years ago, so learning where to price your home is the key to selling or not selling.

What is your opinion of the market? What are some of you experiences, good or bad? I'd love to hear from you so post your comments, questions or concerns today. Talk to you soon! Nate