The Giving Season 

I recently read an article by motivational speaker and teacher, Darren Hardy that has inspired me this holiday season. Every year during the holidays, we get into the “giving season.” We see a rush on donations for toys, food and other worthy causes, which is great but what if we were in the “giving season” every day – not just the last few weeks of the year? What if we applied the “giving season” to more than just donations and holiday gifts?

“Want courage? Give encouragement. Want hope? Give hope. Want love? Give love. Want success? Help someone else become successful.” – Darren Hardy

We are presented with little opportunities on a daily basis to make a difference, just by giving whatever you can in that moment. Giving isn’t about money or fancy gifts; the simple gesture of a kind smile to a stranger can be the best gift of all. And the gifts we give that come from the heart, are what the Holiday Season is truly about. My wish for you, this year and throughout the New Year is to be in the “giving season” every day.

Happy Holidays – Nate

Nate Martinez, RE/MAX Professionals

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