Time to Fall Back

It’s hard to believe that fall is here already, which means cooler weather is finally on its way! I love this time of year in Phoenix. It is the perfect time to get out of the house and explore our beautiful communities. As a reminder, for your fall planning, daylight savings will be ending on Sunday, November 4th.

Although we do not actually change our clocks here in Arizona, it is important to remember the other states that do. Did you know that during World War II that the U.S. made daylight savings mandatory for the whole country, as a way to save on wartime resources?

Studies have been done over the years which have found that springing forward and falling back each year really does save on energy. In a study done a few years ago, it was found that daylight saving time saved 1.3 terawatt hours of electricity. This figure suggested that daylight savings reduced the annual U.S. electricity consumption by 0.03 percent and overall energy consumption by 0.02 percent.

Now it might seem like those percentages seem small, but when you consider the U.S. population, they could represent a significant savings in total energy use.

On Sunday, November 4th clocks will need to be moved forward one hour. For those of us in Arizona, we do not need to change our clocks, however, keep in mind, we do change time zones. During the winter months, we are on Mountain Time. Arizona will be two hours behind the Eastern Time Zone and one hour ahead of the Pacific Time Zone.