Update from the Maricopa County Tax Assessor

This morning I sat in a class presented by Keith Russell, the current Assessor for Maricopa County. I have lived in Arizona all my life and today, I learned a few important details about our tax laws which I did not know. So I thought I would pass along the highlights which were discussed as I believe you may find them very helpful.

1.) Did you know you can appeal your Maricopa County property taxes? Yes, if you feel the Assessor has improperly evaluated your house values, therefore taxing you too much, you have the right to appeal. There are stipulates on when you can appeal (deadlines are in April) but you can fill out the forms online. Additionally, you may qualify for a refund of back taxes you have paid, if they find you have been paying too much! 30% of the cases that are seen by the Assessor are successful in their appeal request.

2.) If you own a rental property in Maricopa County, it must be registered with the Assessor's office as a rental. Not only is important for accurate tax evaluations, but if you do not do this and your tenant finds out, there is grounds for your tenant to break their lease. It is very easy to register your property online and literally takes less then a 1 minute to do.

3.) Did you know that seniors qualify for special tax rules? A resident of Arizona who is sixty-five years of age or older may apply to the Maricopa County Assessor for a property valuation protection option on the person's primary residence which covers you for a guaranteed number of years.

4.) Widow, widowers and disabled persons also qualify for special tax rules. The State of Arizona has exemptions for widows, widowers and disabled persons which equates to lower property taxes. For more information, you can visit the Maricopa County Assessor's website to learn more or you can call 602-506-3406.