What do Homebuyers Really Want?

In a recent survey conducted by the National Association of REALTORS, homebuyers shared what they really want when considering a home purchase. It might be easy to assume it’s a gourmet kitchen or a big backyard, but 5,700 real estate consumers said something different.

Neighborhood: when considering where to live, consumers reported that quality of neighborhood, convenient to work and affordability are the top factors influencing their decision making. Out of those surveyed, 27 percent said they chose a neighborhood based on the quality of the schools.

Time: buying a home is a big commitment for many reasons but of the most significant is the length of time a homebuyer will live in their newly purchased property. A typical homebuyer plans to live in the home for approximately 15 years – this number is up from last year’s expectancy of only 10 years. Homebuyers ages 18-24 will move more often with only 5 years expectancy.

Going green: out of those surveyed, 37 percent reported that heating and cooling cots are a part of their decision making.  Additionally 23 percent reported that energy-efficient appliances were also important. Sustainable, energy efficient homes are of importance – never before have home buyers been more considered about their carbon footprints.

Road blocks: in our market conditions, it is no surprise that 51 percent of homebuyers reported that the most difficult step of buying a home was the actual process of finding the right property – but market conditions are not the only contributing factor – 40 percent of those homebuyers also reported that they refused to compromise on any of their priorities. Out of the remaining homebuyers surveyed, 22 percent said the paperwork is the most difficult part of buying a home.

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