Which "For Sale" Sign Can You Use?

With recent changes in the law, some valley homeowners are experiencing a challenge with their Homeowner’s Association and the placement of signs advertising that their home is for sale. Here is what the Arizona Statute says about “FOR SALE” or “FOR RENT” signs, in regards to Homeowners Associations:

Can an HOA prohibit a property owner from placing a “FOR SALE” or “FOR RENT” or temporary “OPEN HOUSE” sign in their yard?

            Answer: No, as long as:

1.)    The sign is commercially produced and the HOA does not prohibit or restrict leasing.

2.)    The sign is not in excess of 18” x  24” and

3.)    The rider attached is not in excess of 6” x 24.”

Can an HOA require the property owner to use a particular sign?

            Answer: No. Arizona law states in part “the association shall not require the use of particular signs indicating an open house or real property for sale.”

Do an HOA’s CC&Rs take precedence over Arizona’s “FOR SALE” sign statutes?

            Answer: No. Arizona’s “FOR SALE” sign statutes supersedes and renders void that portion of an HOA’s CC&Rs that prohibits the display of a “FOR SALE” sign and sign riders by a property owner on that person’s property.

If you or someone you know is having a challenge with your HOA please contact me. Together we can take a stand against Homeowner’s Associations that are not following the law.

For more information regarding the Arizona Law regarding the use of “FOR SALE” signs, please visit: http://www.aaronline.com/manage-risk/for-sale-sign-laws/