Which Investor Are You?

In today's market, there are unbelievable real estate investment opportunities waiting to be taken advantage of - and by different types of people who are called "investors." Most people aren't aware of the different types of investors that exist. Here is a quick review:

First Time Investor: Someone who has never purchased a home for an investment. In most cases they do own the home they presently live in, however, do not necessarily have to own a home in order to invest in other real estate opportunities.

Move-Up: Many people don't realize that the most productive asset they have is the one they are currently living in. Whether you need to buy up in size or down scale, your current home can be a potential cash flow opportunity.

Rehab and Resell: These investors are looking for a "diamond in the rough" or in other words, properties that require repairs, updating, etc in order to resell for a profit. These investors may also be referred to as "flippers" or "fix and flip."

Portfolio: A person who is already actively investing in real estate but is now ready to take the next step in building a portfolio in real estate - ultimately leading to long term wealth building.

Performance: These are typically high net-worth individuals who understand the value of large cash-flow real estate portfolios.

So which investor are you? Still unsure or feeling overwhelmed? Don't be. I can help you navigate the vast opportunities that currently exist in our market place. The ability to invest in a relatively low-risk, high-return asset is within your reach. Let me show you how you how! To receive a copy of my free monthly report, please click here.