Wells Fargo Owned Homes

Wells Fargo Owned Homes

If you are considering purchasing a Wells Fargo Owned Home, it is important to familiarize yourself with the Premier Asset Services (PAS) process. There are several differences between a traditional home purchase and that of a PAS Bank Owned Home.

Why Choose Wells Fargo?
Wells Fargo is one of America’s largest financial institutions, representing one of the world’s 40 largest employers and America’s 12th-largest private employer, with 275,000 team members. The Wells Fargo stock market value exceeds $130 billion, making them one of the world’s 35 top companies in market value. Forbes ranks Wells Fargo among the world’s top 50 companies based on a composite of sales, assets, profits and market value.

As one of the nation’s largest lenders and servicers of residential real estate loans and lines of credit, Wells Fargo believes it is important for their company to be an industry leader in fairly and responsibly lending to all customers.

Wells Fargo is consistently make choices that will serve the interests of their customers for the long term, and they simply do not tolerate abusive, misleading or fraudulent lending practices. As a result, Wells Fargo has had a long track record of providing good solid residential real estate loans and lines of credit to both prime and nonprime qualified borrowers.

Wells Fargo serve a diverse population of consumers with varied needs, so they offer products with a wide range of terms and features. Wells Fargo will not, however, make residential real estate loans or lines of credit with features inconsistent with their commitment to responsible lending.

  • Wells Fargo will not originate negative amortization loans (including payment option ARMs) or call option loans.
  • Wells Fargo will not increase interest rates when payments are missed.
  • Wells Fargo will not use payment schedules that require two payments at closing.
  • Wells Fargo will not offer single-premium credit insurance.

With all real  estate transactions it can be scary and overwhelming -
but it doesn't have to be harder when you purchase a PAS Bank Owned Home. We have created a Q&A page that will provide you with  the answers to the most commonly asked questions from home buyers. Click here.

If you are searching for a bank owned home, you can click here to view available inventory in every city located in Maricopa County.

RE/MAX Professionals has partnered with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage to offer our clients a superior experience when shopping for a home loan. You can learn more about Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and how easy it is to qualify for a home loan, by clicking here. Our team of highly skilled loan officers are prepared to handle all your questions.

In today’s market, it is even more important to work with an experienced agent who knows how to successfully guide you through the REO home buying process. My team and I have represented hundreds of bank owned transactions, providing a smooth experience for our client. Please contact us today to get started on your home buying process!

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